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Commercial & Residential Gutter Cleaning / Maintenance Services

Take the hassle out of maintaining your gutters and let the professionals of Bluegrass Gutters handle the dirty work for you! We offer...

  • Competitive pricing and Military discounts
  •  Complimentary appointment reminders and "en route" notifications 
  •  Highly experienced and knowledgeable field technicians
  •  Environmental-friendly techniques
  •  Seasonal Maintenance Packages
  •  Free Estimates & Same-Day services*
*Same-day services are limited to applicable services only (such as gutter cleaning, tightening, and alignment), and are subject to scheduling and weather permissions.  

Call (502) 975-4526 to schedule your Free Estimate today! 

The Importance of Gutter Maintenance...

Gutters are essentially rain-collecting troughs (also known as an eaves trough), that with correct sloping, will channel the rain towards the downspouts, carrying it away from the critical components of the home; such as doors, windows, walls, siding, and the foundation. Although gutters can have a steep life-expectancy (some 20-30 years), gutter longevity is dependent upon multiple factors; such as maintenance, upkeep, and even weather conditions.

Professional Recommendations...

Bluegrass Gutters recommends a professional gutter cleaning at least two times annually. Gutter maintenance and upkeep will not only extend the life of your gutters, but will also safe-guard your home. This is because clogged gutters, during a heavy rainfall, can cause gutter-overflow; which often results in unnecessary and unwanted property damage to your landscaping and foundation. Structural issues and soil erosion can also be caused secondary to gutter-overflow and/or improperly routed gutters. This is why gutter maintenance should be vital to any home or property owner; because it is an essential (and inexpensive) safeguard, to your most costly investment - your home!

Gutter Maintenance Packages...

Bluegrass Gutters is now offering "Seasonal Gutter Maintenance" packages for both our commercial and residential customers; thus providing you with a hassle-free way to keep your gutters maintained and functioning all year long!

Our complete "Gutter Maintenance Packages" address any and all gutter-maintenance needs and pack a discounted price-tag to sweeten the offer...

We take the hassle out of gutter maintenance by doing all of the dirty work for you! Simply pick your package deal, and we handle your annual gutter maintenance for you!

Bluegrass Gutters will not only provide the scheduling and services, but we will also provide appointment reminders and a detailed "Maintenance Report" after each servicing.

We offer up to 25%* off discounted-pricing with our Seasonal Gutter Maintenance packages, which can be conveniently calculated during your Free Estimate, with no pressure or obligation to sign up - ever!

Bluegrass Gutters is currently offering 2, 3, and 4-Season Gutter Maintenance Packages. This means that you select how many times annually your gutters are inspected, cleaned, tightened up, and more! 

Refer to the Gutter Maintenance Packages* table below for details, or call (502) 975-4526 for more info.