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Affordable Gutter & Downspout Repair Services

affordable gutter and downspout repair services

Gutter Repair Services from Bluegrass Gutters

Take the hassle out of gutter repair and let the professionals of Bluegrass Gutters handle the dirty work for you! We offer...

  • Competitive pricing and Military discounts
  •  Complimentary appointment reminders and "en route" notifications 
  •  Highly experienced and knowledgeable field technicians
  •  Environmental-friendly techniques
  •  Seasonal Maintenance Packages
  • Free Estimates & Same-Day services*
*Same-day services are limited to applicable services only (such as gutter cleaning, tightening, and alignment), and are subject to scheduling and weather permissions.  

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Why Buy New?

Our motto at Bluegrass Gutters, is "Why Buy New"? This is because most existing gutter systems can be cleaned out, tightened up, and/or repaired; and brought back to their former state of glory! Our gutter repair services can include a combination of various techniques, depending on the condition of your gutters, and may include a combination of any of the repair techniques listed below...

Repair Techniques

  • Cleaning - The first step toward a functioning gutter system, is having clean gutter troughs; which will allow the rainwater to flow properly through the gutters...
  • Realigning - Clean gutters are not the only factor facilitating the seamless flow of rainwater through the gutters... Correct sloping (or alignment) of the gutters, aids in channeling the rainwater through the gutters by work of gravity; directing them toward the downspouts, where the rainwater makes its exit. The sloping of the gutter is ever-so-slight, and is generally not visible to the "naked" eye. 
  • Tightening - Sagging gutters can generally be remedied by the installation of hidden hangers. Hidden hangers, which are installed inside the gutter, approximately every 18 inches, safely and inconspicuously secure the gutters directly to the fascia board. They are not visible from the outside of the gutter, and additionally, they strengthen the entire gutter system as a whole.
  • Accessories - Adding accessories to your existing gutter system may be necessary for optimum performance. Examples of gutter accessories include: downspout extension pipes, elbows, straps, hangers, splash-blocks, gutter guard, and more! 

Gutter Replacement
If your gutter system is beyond the point of repair, Bluegrass Gutters can install new seamless gutters. New seamless gutters not only improve the look of your home, but they also safeguard your home from damage such as soil erosion, damage to the foundation, siding, walls, window, and more!
For more information about new seamless gutters, click the "Services" tab at the top of this page, and select "New Seamless Gutters" from the drop-down menu. 

We've Got You Covered

Bluegrass Gutters has you covered from every angle - literally! Call (502) 975-4526 to schedule your Free Estimate today, and let the knowledgeable staff of Bluegrass Gutters handle the dirty work for you!